Hello, My name is Cruz and i am an ex Hoover Crips gangbanger, better known in my hood as Kraze. I joined the gang when i was a peewee(kid), i was 11 when i got jumped into the gang by my older brother's homies. I always wanted the fame, girls, riches, and to live the good life. I watched all of the older members of the Hoover Crips rolling through the hood in Mercedes's, BMW's, and Cadillacs with their cars full of beautiful women and i wanted to be like them."The good life" is what urged me to join the neighborhood Gang. I started skipping school and goin to a friends house instead where i would smoke,drink,kick it with girls, and "bust missions" with other gang members too like doing beer runs, jump people from rival gangs, break into houses and cars. The money that i would get from the "missions" i would spend it on weed, cocaine, drinks, and on girls. A gang is a group of people, through the organization, formation, and establishment of an assemblage, share a common identity. Hoover crips was my gang. I considered every single member of the gang a brother, untill the day the gang leader told my brother he had to put work in for the gang and my brother unwillingly did it and gave his life for that "mission". The leader said the job had to be done so a week later he sent my friend, whom i knew since first grade. Everybody in the gang knew it was a suicide mission and knew whoever did that mission put their life on the line. As expected, my friend Lil Casper was killed. I knew there was a big chance for my friend to lose his life and i tried to tell him not to do it but his mind was made. After my brother and my friend's death, i knew the gang wasn't my family like i considered them to be. Teenagers are the ones most likely to join gangs because of the blindness of the "Good life"